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In the English language there are not many words beginning with the two letters KN; one is knickers. Don't get these words in a twist:

alushousut aluspüksid bloomers bragas briefs broek broekies calça calcinha caleçon calzoncillos collant cueca cuecas culote culotte culottes Damenschlüpfer Damenslip damesonderbroekje damesslipje damunderbyxor drawers gaće gaćice

Höschen kalhotky knickerbockers knickers knick-knocks külot long johns majtki miniculotte mutande mutandine nærbuxur nohavićky

onderbroek onderbroekje pantalon pantaloni pantie panties pants panty prenda interior Schlüpfer short shorty slip slipje spodenki spodky spodnjice string tanga thong trosor

underbukse underbukser underbyxor underdaks Unterhose underpants

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