no squares

I don't think in lines and squares.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

Time for a rant about squares; that is about writing on paper with lines or even worse, with little squares.

Most people write on pads of paper from time to time, be it shopping lists, things to do, names of people to ignore or laugh at, notes, drawings, calculations, times to go to the doctor and so on. I make lists too; I also write notes, sometimes blind in the middle of the night.


I don't think in lines and squares and if I want a line or a square I will draw it. If I want to list things in a table, let the computer do it. If my writing is not straight – so what! If my drawings are not straight – so what! What is important is: can I understand it? Yes! Can other people understand it? Yes, because I take more care to make it readable; though what do I have a computer and printer for?

But engineers like to use squared paper, must use squared paper. I have never met an engineer who must use squared paper.

But I've been given a pad of squared paper. Oh, so simple! Turn the horrible thing upside down! You can write on the reverse side (if it is plain), or better still throw it away and buy yourself a proper pad of plain white paper. A simple and cheap way of being nice to your brain and allowing you to think and write and draw clearly.

The German word kleinkariert means small-checked or small squares or with small squares. It also means small-minded. Don't squeeze your ideas into small boxes! Be expressive! When did you last see an artist using squared paper?

Using squared or lined paper is bad for your brain. Use plain white paper.