Toby can't read or write

I see just squiggles.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I can't read; I can't write.

It was hard when I was a kid, everybody thought that I was stupid. Give me a piece of paper or a book and I see just squiggles. I could not learn to read and I never have.

Ask me a mathematical question and I have no trouble. I can recognise a face on a picture, usually. I can tell you a story, direct you to a street on the other side of town or discuss politics with you. But I can't read a book, understand street signs or read a newspaper.

I got pushed into a school for stupid kids. Yeah, were they stupid! And I was stupid too. Why were they stupid and why was I stupid? Simple! It was stupid to stay at the stupid school.

But kids have to go to school. No! I left and educated myself, I still do.

My company is a business in the financial world, it is quite successful. We make money flow.

Most people have their own office, I don't, what use are a desk and a computer to me. I sit in the open area and drink coffee and think.

I discuss ideas with the others, sometimes someone will try and make a presentation to me. I tell them to take their laptop away and tell me about it the next day “Just using your mouth!”

I know, most people have to have their charts and pictures and tables and stuff. But I want to hear words. They always come back the next day, especially after they discover that I own the company.

I can't read; I can't write.