Toby can't write

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I can't read; I can't write.

My company is a business in the financial world, it is quite successful. We make money flow – in the rich world we make money – in the poor world we have our fun. No, we are not a charity, we make money move and that makes everybody richer and everybody happier.

We use computers, we use creative mathematics, we use everything legal to make money flow.

You ask, why do I work for such a company if I can't write. And how did I write these words?

I am good at mathematics, I can tell you the cube root of a six figure number in seconds, without paper, without computer – they are of no use to me.

You ask how can I do that without being able to read and write.

You ask funny questions – one is too simple, my words are written by someone else – one is impossible, how can I tell you how I do things without being able to read and write, because:

I can't read; I can't write.