Toby and the car

I still had the key.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

The next day I looked out of the hotel room and saw two people sitting on a bench; they were arguing. I knew them both – one was Julie, my minder and driver, and the other was me.

If Julie is there then the car won't be far away. I still had the key. I pressed a button on the key and the car blinked at me. I grabbed a few things and walked out of the hotel to the car. It was locked. I pressed another button on the key and in I got.

I drove away. I can drive, but I don't do this very often because I cannot read road signs. Soon I was lost, not that I minded. I drove on, the countryside was fine. A voice told me that the tank was empty. “Turn right here and fill up!” So I did.

Very odd, someone filled the tank. This saved me the embarrassment of sniffing the nozzles to find which one pumped diesel. I still had my credit card.

The car told me where to go, where to turn left, where to turn right. Funny, I had not turned anything on. Funny, it wasn't my car. I decided that the car liked me. We drove on and on. A very pleasant day for a ride.

I asked where we were and the car said “somewhere nice.” We drove on.

“Sing me a song!” and the car sung to me, a love song.

I asked if we were going anywhere in particular and the car said “not really.” We drove on.

I asked how many cyclists were tied up in the back of the car. The car said that was unkind of me. “but, I forgive you. Hold me tighter!” We drove on.

The car told me to stop at the roadside. There was Julie – she got in.

How are you, Julie?

Oh, fine. But you'll never guess.

You met five people who look just like me, all wearing bicycle clothes.

Oh, You! Oh, I bet you've got him tied up in the back of the car.

I said nothing. The car said nothing.