Colin's people

The characters in the story of Colin.

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Colin is an ordinary male. He is a bit smaller and more athletic than most. He is intelligent, there is a glint in his eyes which means: maybe I don't understand now but I soon will do.

Colin's mother has copper coloured hair. She wears practical clothes and is very practical and is a witch.

Colin's father is a farmer.

James does not exist. When he does he gets eaten.

Notty is a small female. She has dark hair and dark features and a small round face. She can climb up a tree before you can say the word tree. She can do anything. She is a witch.

Collect is Notty's funny name for Colin.

Tracy is a sweet little blond girl.

Tracy's mother is a witch.

Tracy's father is colourless.

Tidke is a huge blond girl, just what Colin likes.

Miss Kirschbaum is a sweet old lady. She is very small. She escaped from the Nazis in a time before you were born.

Felicity is a nice girl. She is the right combination of what Colin wants and what Colin needs.

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