the fire queen

I could feel the heat on my back.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

We were walking along the street when Jalaika stopped by a parked car and told me to look the other way and wait. Aha, there was going to be a big surprise.

I heard her take something out of her handbag. I heard scrunching noises. There was a big WOOOOMPHF. She grabbed my hand and yelled at me to run.

In the next few weeks the news was full of pictures of burnt-out cars. No one knew why they burned – everybody knew that there was a fire raiser in town.

Was I in bed with a terrorist, a criminal, a mad person? I never saw her torch a car, but the streets were filling with burnt-out wrecks.

I decided to keep her away from cars – I took her for long walks – the buses began to burn.

I took her to the top of a big hill just outside town. I wanted to talk to her. I expected to find a large cross on the top of the hill.

There was a rosette of ten or more cars, all bonnet to bonnet to bonnet. The cars had been driven into each other, all nose to nose to nose. This was no surprise to Jalaika, she climbed onto the cars and began to dance in the middle.

I could smell petrol. There was a huge WOOOOMPHF. I was knocked over by the blast. I could feel the heat on my back. I crawled down the hill as fast as I could.

I looked back – there was only green grass.