night out

I could hardly stand.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

I got those pieces of paper and went to college to study engineering, I got away from Notty and my Mother at last. One Saturday evening the crowd that I was in, all boys as in those days there weren't many girls in engineering, decided to go for a pub crawl.

We drove to another town where there were plenty of pubs. I was in a very good mood and drank my fill. After we had visited several pubs and been thrown out of one or two, someone decided that we should all go to Dick's place, Dick lived in the town, he had room in a house. I could hardly stand, but some how we got there.

It was the monthly meeting of the Widdleport and District Divorcees Club, which was of course a party for the newly and not so newly singled. Everyone was having a good time, drinking and dancing, until we arrived.

I declared myself responsible for the quality of the drinks; that meant that I had to try everyone's glass, and those drinks that were not good enough, which were most of them, landed in the kitchen sink and me. Was I having fun! I noticed that Notty was dancing with someone twice her age in the corner. Did I have to pour two bottles of bad sherry into the umbrella stand? And tie all the guests together with string?

My friends managed to drag me away and we drove home. Always close the rear windows when throwing up out the front window of a moving car.

The next day I helped my friend clean up the inside of his car and we drove together to Widdleport to clean up there. The owner of the house and party giver was a very attractive and quiet young woman, who I had taken a fancy to. No, there was no need to apologise for last night, we had really livened up the party. Would we come again next time?