first chance

It was Tracy.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

Tracy and Notty and I were lying by the side of the lake. Those days we were always together, the three of us. We helped each other with our homework. I was happier in the company of two girls than any number of boys. Boys were boring and no fun.

Girls, and especially girls and me, were so much fun. No one, not even my Mother, made silly remarks. We must have looked so innocent together. But we weren't, and that's why it was so much fun.

It was a very warm summer evening and we were lying by the lake drinking wine. Notty had found two bottles somewhere. We drank the wine and our talk got looser and looser, so did our clothing. It was so very warm and the wine went straight to our young heads. I was very interested in Tracy and Notty, perhaps one of them was interested in me.

I looked at them both and spoke as if to one of them. Why don't I put my arms around you and hold you in my arms. They both giggled so much, that I thought they were going to throw up, they had drunk so much wine. Notty and Tracy whispered to each other, I could not understand what they said.

Finally Notty spoke. Oh, yes! You know that I am a very Notty girl. You want me in your arms. You must close your eyes and keep them closed until I say so. At last, my chance with Notty.

I closed my eyes and moved forward to Notty. I took her in my arms. She was so warm. She felt so good. She moved her face up to my ear and said, Colin, oh, Colin, I always wanted you, you feel so warm, you feel so good. It was Tracy.

Tracy pulled me on top of her and I kissed her, my tongue entered her mouth. It felt so good. It was good. And it was fun. But we were so drunk. Tracy told me to stop, to slowly come right down on her and hold her even tighter.

It's no good, it won't work, we are too sozzled. But I promise you, I want you and I want you tomorrow and that's a promise. We lay there for some time until Notty separated us and kissed both of us, I had forgotten that she was there.

The next day I didn't see Tracy. Notty visited Tracy at home and told me that Tracy was a bit ill, a hangover. Notty took the biscuits out of my pocket and munched them. “Got any more munchies?”

The day after Tracy kept her promise. It was good.

It was summer and the three of us met every day. We spent so much time together, Tracy and I in embrace, and Notty keeping the lookout. No one was allowed to find out about the two of us.

Why wasn't Notty jealous? I don't know. She seemed pleased just to be with us. I spent all my pocket money on chocolate for the two girls. I got it from a machine, just like the other things.

We were getting deeper and deeper into one another. Big problem, school was going to start again soon. How were we going to keep our relationship quiet? Two days before the start of school Tracy disappeared.

Tracy's home was empty. She was not there. Tracy had disappeared. Where was she? Who was meddling in our lives? Notty told me that I would soon be over it. She didn't care. It was not important to her.

My Mother said that I had been smoking marmalade sandwiches again. This meant that I had been doing something stupid, perhaps she thought that the two of us were too young. I cried myself to sleep every night.