Mrs Tups

None of the girls use their real names.

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We get a lot of visitors, mostly for our home for battered girls and women, occasionally women for my harem and battered females.

The fire brigade and the police come to check the steel perimeter fence, fire escapes, extinguishers, safety doors, outdoor lighting, cameras and so on. The media want yet another story. The socwoks, and it is always socwoks we have never seen before, want to fill in forms, they always want names, the real names of our battered girls and women – no chance.

They come to our front gate, ring the bell and grin at the cameras. No, they can't come in, the home is not registered, it receives no public money, it is private, go away. If anyone gets in Miss Davis and Miss Jones escort them back to the gate.

And then there are the boyfriends and sometimes fathers of the battered females. They don't ring the bell, they climb over the high fence or cut a hole in it. Miss Davis and Miss Jones usually thump them senseless and throw them onto the road outside.

So who is welcome? The Bishop of course, and little Mrs Tups although she is a socwok. I have never spoken to her and I have never heard her speak. she listens to the battered females; they have learned to distrust men, so I keep away from them.

I had spent the whole day with Minnie Mouse listening to her history, her troubles and her hopes for the future. None of the girls in the home use their real names, but there was something mouse-like about her.

Time to go home – but no – someone grabbed me – you must join in – Angela is thirty today. So this was the harem – where was the man? I have never seen so much alcohol flowing – everybody was merry.

A funny laughter went round the room – it's time girls, you all know what to do. Miss Davis and Miss Jones picked me up and removed all my clothes – there was nothing I could do. Wilma sprayed me all over with perfume – Honey-Bunch and Mrs G dressed me in very frilly underwear and a very pretty dress – Ursula back combed my hair and made up my face.

Miss Davis and Miss Jones picked me up and carried me to another room and placed me on the bed.

I was in the garden doing nothing much, when I remembered Angela's birthday and went to my room to change into... There she was. A girl on my bed. Very nice. It was Mrs Tups.

I picked her up – she was very small – I carried her to the sofa and sat her on my lap. We watched TV and drank a couple of glasses of red wine. Mrs Tups got the back of her neck kissed twice – we both said nothing.

Mrs Tups fell asleep on my lap – I picked her up, carried her to the bed and removed her dress but not her underwear. I wrapped myself around her and kissed the back of her neck.

Where am I? What's going on? Who's this man? I remember the party and drinking too much. And this nice man, we watched TV, he said nothing. Is he the man, the man in the harem? He smells good.

There's a tray of food on the other side of the bed – it's breakfast.

Mrs Tups is still here. Breakfast in bed as usual, breakfast for two as usual.

I do my make-up and my hair and step into my dress, not that it's my dress, but it's very pretty. He opens the door for me, where are we going now?

This is High Cliff. You can see for miles from here.

Lovely view from up here.

He's actually talked to me. He is Cuthbert. The harem is his. He said that I could join the harem if I wanted to.

He explained what he was going to do to me later in the day. I was shocked. I didn't know that people did that sort of thing. He told me that people do, he told me that I would like it, very much, he was certain of that and more than once too.

That evening he did that to me and more than once and it was good.