The house was full of battered women.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

It was dark and dismal and I was depressed.

It was that time of the year that most people call winter. The days were short, the weather overcast and dull. And it was cold and dark. And the house was full of battered women.

I was depressed, but I didn't know it. Who did?

I had better explain. I live in a house with a lot of girls, just one man, that's me, and a lot of girls. The girls are my harem and my job, the only job I have is to keep them happy. And what about the battered women?

The girls run a home for battered women. It is not an official home, but the girls do it well. I think that the girls are really good and deserve support and I would like to help.

But I can't help. That's what makes me sad. The last thing the battered women want is a man near them. Oh, could I help? Would I help? No! I can't.

Battered women? It sounds so dramatic, but they are all battered, some outside, some inside, some both. I can see that and it hurts me.

But I can't help. At this time of the year, in winter, there are many battered women and most of them are here.

Yesterday a woman ran to me and smacked my face and dropped to the floor and hugged my knees. We both cried. After some time Angela and Angela rescued us.

Today after breakfast, it was a very good breakfast, and after all the girls had kissed me, as they always do after breakfast, Mrs G picked me up and carried me to the car and put me on the back seat. Mrs G on the left and Honey-Bunch on the right – Mrs G and Honey-Bunch are always together.

Angela drove us to where? The airport. We flew to one of those islands that has sun, sand, hotels and nothing else.

Mrs G and Honey-Bunch put me on the beach every day. I don't like sitting or lying on the beach – I don't like sitting or lying on a flowerbed. Mrs G and Honey-Bunch said that I needed vitamin D and made certain that I did not get sunburnt. That's not all that Mrs G and Honey-Bunch did.

I was lying in bed with Mrs G and Honey-Bunch on top of me. Cuthbert, Honey-Bunch said. We have something the tell you. Mrs G and I have noticed that you have been depressed and not at your best. And when you are not at your best then you are not able to give us your best. Mrs G and I have discussed this and we have made a plan.

Mrs G and I have discussed the plan with the other girls – they are all happy with the plan. And what is the plan?


How Mrs G and Honey-Bunch communicate with each other I don't know. Mrs G never says anything, Honey-Bunch does all the talking. However I knew in my heart that the plan was as much Mrs G as Honey-Bunch – they both wanted the best for me.

Sunlight will bring out the best in you. And it is working.

This was true. I was happier now. I thanked them. I gave them my best.

Not only sunlight, Cuthbert!

Cuthbert, you need a hobby.