Mrs Happy thinks

I'm twice his age.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I know that I'm grumpy, but I can't help it, most people are grumpy when they don't get what they want, most people.

I don't think it is right what Cuthbert does, all these girls, some are far too young, and some are far too old for him. I'm twice his age, but that doesn't stop Cuthbert.

Maybe I'm grumpy because Cuthbert doesn't do what I want. He should settle down with one girl of his own age, and I mean exactly one girl. Or better still, let's use the right word, with exactly one woman.

I shouldn't complain – Cuthbert is polite to everybody, Cuthbert makes the girls happy, Cuthbert makes me happy, even though I'm more than twice his age. Cuthbert is so wonderful, we all love him.

Cuthbert gives me what I need.

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