Cuthbert and the picnic

Always very picture-skew.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I do like a picnic. In the summer I throw the girls and the food into my big car and drive to some nice place in the country. I drive, three on the front seat, six in the back, seven in the boot and the rest strapped on the roof. Oh, we have a good time, well, at least I do.

No, no, no! Just a little joke! I have no need to be macho. Start again!

I do like a picnic. The girls do too. They prepare everything for a picnic in the country. One of them drives a little bus with all of us in it to some place that they have chosen, always somewhere different, always very picture-skew, they like to surprise me, they like to make me happy, which I am.

Sometimes we sit on rugs, sometimes on folding chairs. We eat something, drink something, sing a song, tell a story from the Story Kettle, eat something, drink something. Oh, we do have fun.

Sometimes Annabelle comes, she is a good friend of mine, in fact, she is the only person I share my harem with.

Josephine plays a sad tune on the tuba, Josephine plays a jolly tune on the tuba. Honey-Bunch sits on my lap and sings some songs, then we all sing some songs together.

Not much of a story you are thinking, just descriptive. Yeah, you're right. End of story. I give up. That's it.