Incense and Primrose.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

When I was training to become a priest, I did not know if I was high-church or low-church, but I did know that I didn't like incense and that I did like Primrose.

While I was studying at the theological college Primrose studied music at the other college. We met at a college dance. I thought that Primrose was better at music than I was as a priest.

One day all of us theologicals went to a service at an eastern church:

I took a deep breath of incense, I went funny, I could see only through a tunnel, I fell, I hit the baptism font with my head, I passed out, I collapsed on the floor, I was taken to hospital, I was operated on, I was kept in an artificial comma for a year, I recovered, I woke, I could see Primrose.

None of this is true, I don't remember anything. Primrose told me what had happened.

The priest from the eastern church came to visit me, several times, he said that would never use incense again – it's bad for people.

I had trouble thinking, my brain had suffered, Primrose said that she would do all the thinking that I needed that I could not do. I had noticed that Primrose was cleverer than me, but too clever to tell me that.

I don't like incense and I do like Primrose.