hornets' nest

Midget is thinking.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

“It's true, we won't have any peace until Rubber Robert is dead. Rubber as in soft, Robert is the soft one, never used a gun, but I think that he is funny in the head, I'm sure he wants to kill us, or rather have us killed.” Midget is thinking.

“Yeah, but it's too dangerous for us.”

“Too right! What we gotta do, is get Rubber Robert and his gang to attack a hornets' nest and wipe themselves out. I mean another gang somewhere else in the country.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yes!” said Midget. “There's some pretty nasty gangs around Stuttworth. We go there, find a gang's headquarters, Ron gets into their wireless network, Ron does some transfers from the Redd and Wash bank accounts, we know that will attract Rubber Robert's gang, and bingo, the two gangs fight it out.”

“And how do we find the gangsters?”

“Oh, that's easy. We go to the police in Stuttworth...”

“And ask them?”

“No, no, no!” laughs Midget. “No, we follow one or two of them.”

We are sitting at a street café watching a small office building down the street.

“Looks promising.” says Midget. “Look at them types! Oh, yes! Another plain clothes policeman has come and gone. Yep, this is it! Get yer laptop out, Ron! And do yer stuff!”

“That's enough, Ron! Maybe we'll have to come back tomorrow and do it again.”

We watch the shoot-out live on TV that night.

“Maybe that's the end of Rubber Robert and the gang, maybe not. Let's go to the other end of some other continent and think about what we are going to do.”