mind working

Midget asleep in an armchair.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

Midget and me drove off into the dark. Ron was asleep on the back seat. We found a hotel for the night.

I lie awake. I can see Midget asleep in an armchair. He looks like a child in the moonlight. My mind is working. I cannot sleep.

It must be true, I didn't kill Big George. I was just the bait. I was drugged.

I was right, I didn't call the police to that hotel room in Gut City, I had to get the hell outta that place. When I said that the police in Gut City are corrupt, Midget just laughed.

I am a gunwoman, I can't help it, it just happened.

I did not know that guy in Mannington was the mayor, he tried to rape me with a knife in his hand, I killed him, I did not ask him to rape me.

I killed Right Charlie, it was not Big George, I had to kill Right Charlie, it was him or me.

I'm different now, I know it, I have started a new life, I accept that.

Midget can look after himself, but what about Ron?

I have changed, I am strong, I know what I want, or I think I do.

I was quiet, Ron was so outgoing, but I am strong and Ron is weak. I must look after Ron, he doesn't understand and he doesn't want to understand.

But he does know how to get the money.

Tomorrow says Midget, we will look for a hornets' nest.