nice dinner

You look just like my sister.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

“You have just scared me shitless! What the fuck is going on?”

“Hey, calm down, Ron! Don't speak so loud, please, Ron!”

“Since when do you carry a loaded gun?”

“Since I woke up next to a guy with a bullet hole in his forehead.”

“You killed that guy in the street, didn't you? How many people have you killed this week?”

“Two or three. In self defence of course.”

“I know, I've got it, it was on TV, the murder in Gut City, the murder in Mannington. You're that woman, Dolma Shields, that murderer. You look just like my sister...”

“The reason that I look like your sister, Ron, is that I am your sister.”

Midget added “Dolma Shields's been dead for months, probably at the bottom of a lake somewhere.”

“Ron, let me explain!”

Ron groans “Do I really want to know?”

“Sorry Ron, but yes! It's all my fault. Sorry, but you're in too deep.”

“You know me, I was always the quiet one, the little sister. You were all for adventure, on your bike, skiing, diving, flying, you tried it all. I stayed at home and read a book. I had a quiet life, I was happy, I helped people, I worked with the patients, I helped them, I was happy. But that life came to an end last week.”

We order food. It is good. Ron knows the place well. Midget and I tell him the rest of the story.

“Can we go back to my place now?”

“No, Ron, maybe never.”

“First the good news.” said Midget. “Big George is dead and we've just got rid of his brother Right Charlie. Both pretty nasty people. Right Charlie was always right – no one disagreed with him and lived.”

“Bad news?”

“The third brother is called Rubber Robert.”