number three

He needs half a second.

StoryKettle » Red Wash » number three

Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

“Turn around, Dolma!” We turn to see Big George – he is still alive?

“You killed my brother, Dolma. You are a bad woman. I am going to kill you and your little friends.”

He aims his gun at me, but the gun jams. He needs half a second to reach for his other gun. It is half a second that he does not have.

My bullet spins him to the left, Midget's bullet to the right. He falls on his back.

“You're a vicious woman, Dolma.”

I stare at him – have I killed him twice?

Ron stares at him – has his little sister just killed a man?

“Hey, you guys! Let's get out of here!” screams Midget.

We jump into Ron's car and he drives off like a madman. Down the ramp onto the expressway, up the next ramp, down the ramp on the other side, back along the expressway, a long way out of town, off the expressway.

Ron slows down. “We're on the old road, very quiet, not used much since the expressway was built. We are not being followed and I need a drink.”

We drive to a big pub restaurant on the edge of town and park at the back of the big car park. We take a quiet table at the back. I order two beers for Ron, a beer for Midget and mineral water for me.

Ron empties both glasses. “I've never driven like that before, just like in a film.” He turns and looks me straight in the eyes.

“You have just scared me shitless! What the fuck is going on?”