big brother

A bloodthirsty, cold-hearted murderer.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

I don't know where I got the idea from, it wasn't a good one. Midget and me take a bus to the other side of town. This is where my brother lives, he does computer security stuff, he works for a bank.

I give Ron the piece of paper with the codes. “Oh, that's interesting. Give me a bit of time with this!”

Midget and I watch TV. The big news is the murder of the Mayor of Mannington. Single shot. Lots of blood all over the place. Rather nasty. Same gun used and same DNA as in the Gut City murder. Dolma Shields is targeting men in this country. She is a bloodthirsty, cold-hearted murderer. The Red Wash.

“You've hit the big time now, Lady.”

“Shut your mouth!”

Ron is fascinated by the codes and spends all day with his computer.

“I've got it. Look at this! It's not a secret code. There is nothing to crack. Just arrange it into lines just like this. What have I got here?”

“I know that last one, it's the bank code of the DROFFED health insurance, we call it DROPDEAD.”

“Yeah, that's right, it's a list of IBANs and BICs, I mean International Bank Account Numbers. And see these here. That's Redd Wash, that's special...”

“Are you making fun of me, Ron?” Had he seen the news?

“Er, no! Redd Wash is the Reddington and Washington Bank, famous for money-laundering. I could use these accounts and get money out of them, no trouble.”

Midget is looking out of the window. “You have already tried it, Ron. It worked didn't it? And you're wrong, there is trouble. There's two or three nasty guys down there and they are entering the house across the road. They are not using a key.”

“Ah, yes!” says Ron. “I'm using the wireless network from that house while they're away on holiday.”

“Great!” groans Midget. “Let's get out of here! Fast! Leave the lights on! Is there a back way out?”