Midget's badge

Police in this country have ID cards.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

I feel light headed – I have just killed a man – number one or number two – shall I get a file and make two notches on the gun?

Later it hits me hard. Come back down to earth! What are you doing? You're doing everything wrong. The train is wrong. You are going back to Gut City. Turn your brain on!

I get out of the train at the next stop, not Gut City but not far away. I run up the steps to catch another train and fall over a small person.

“Hello Lady! What you doing here again? You need help.”

“I've just killed a man.” I blurt out. Why am I saying this?

“OK, OK, OK! Let's get on another train away from here. And you tell me all about it.”

I get two first class tickets for the next long distance train from a machine and he tells me all about it. “I was just on my way home. Just call me Midget, everybody does. I don't mind. I am a midget. Just don't sing ‘Bridget the Midget’ OK!”

“Yeah, I know about the killing in Mannington. Man, single shot in the guts, bit nasty, lots of blood. You're getting a reputation, you know.”

“Oh, shut your face, he was trying to rape me.”

“OK, Lady! Take it easy! I don't know the full details. I better tell you that I'm a policeman. D'yer wanna see my badge?”

“Oh, come on! Don't show me your toy badge and toy gun! Police in this country have ID cards...”

He shows me his card. “I've been following Big George and his gang for years. I must say that I'm not unhappy that he's gone...”

“I didn't do it!”

“No, no, Lady! I know that you didn't do it. I know who you are. I've found out. You are not Dolma Shields, you can't be, she's been dead for months. No, the only thing you did wrong is looking just like her. Yeah, you work in a doctor's office, pretty happy in your job too, I asked around, but no one knows where you are now.”

“Big George was crazy about Dolma Shields, and looking at you I know why. You were drugged and put in that hotel room as bait for a Big George trap. Does that explain everything? I haven't found out yet who really killed Big George, but it wasn't you. Tell me your story!”