Jennffer and the last meeting

We have a special rule.

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Good morning to you, Mr President and Ms Treasurer. My name is Mary Lamb, I'm the Student Union President.

I've invited you both here because we are not happy with the College Rod and Gun Club. We are the Student Union Committee, this is Trevor Lions, the Club Secretary, this is George Seal, the Student Union Treasurer, and myself, the Student Union President.

The idea of giving 300 dollars to hundreds of students to buy guns is just not acceptable. What do you think the media would make of...

Oh, that's why we've changed it from a gun to an angling rod, broke in Jake Cotton.

It is still unacceptable, hundreds of students times 300 dollars is a lot of money. This is not good. She turned to me. How much money has been spent so far, Jennffer?

Just two people have received money, but I have about a hundred forms here for rods, but the club president must sign them first.

Jake opened his mouth, but Mary was quicker. Please, give them to me, Jennffer! She quickly looked at a few of them.

Perhaps, I said, this is more interesting. I gave Mary a large photo. It's a very interesting picture of a demonstrator at an anti-hunt meeting last night. He looks just like the president of the College Rod and Gun Club. But that can't be true, can it?

Mary made some notes, made some calculations. She looked at Trevor, paragraph fifteen? she asked, he nodded. She looked at George, paragraph fifteen? she asked, he nodded.

We have a special rule, it's paragraph fifteen. It allows the Student Union President to close any student club at any time without any reason. It's never been used before.

The College Rod and Gun Club is closed for this year. Trevor, note the time and date! You are no longer Club President or Club Treasurer. All club members on the official list will receive their ten dollars back. There will be no discussion. The decision is final. This meeting is closed.

Oh, what a pity, said Jake, no more Rod and Gun Club.

No problem, I'm starting my own private hunting club, just 300 dollars to join. Do you want to join?