Jennffer and a shot in the dark

I hope it's not a trick.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

You were in the bar again today, but I bet no one brought a shooting licence with them, did they, Jennffer?

No, John, no guns, but about a hundred rods. That's Jake Cotton's latest idea. You don't need a licence for a fishing rod. But enough of that, tonight we are going hunting in the woods.

Anyone else coming? I hope it's not a trick of the anti-hunt people.

Yes, two guys want to come, but don't worry, Peter has had a good idea. I invited them both, but told them to meet me at two different car parks. Peter drives us to one car park for the first guy and another car park for the second guy. Hopefully we can avoid trouble that way.

Yes, the car park was full of anti-hunt demonstrators waving banners and shouting. Peter drove by without stopping.

We drove to the second car park. There was no one and nothing there.

Something's wrong, I said. Peter, drive the car to the exit and keep the engine running.

I loaded a blank cartridge in my rifle, opened the car window and fired at the ground. Bang! A whole group of people appeared from behind some bushes and ran to our car screaming and shouting. Peter drove off.

Peter, I've got news for you. You are a cub reporter for the local newspaper. Drive back to the first car park, take photos and interviews from the anti-hunt demonstrators. I will feel you later.

John, Jerry and I had a great night's hunting.