Jennffer and rod and gun

Very odd it is.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

It was freshers' week at the college, which clubs did you want to join?

“Oh, you'd love to be in the College Girls' Football Team, wouldn't you? We've got a fantastic new coach, she's very good, you know.”

“Er, no thank you, I'm not very sporty, but I do go hunting. Is there a hunting club?”

“You mean the Archery Club, or the Rod and Gun just over there?”

I walked over to two guys. “Hello, I like to join the College Rod and Gun Club.”

“Oh, not another one.” groaned one of them.

“That's not very friendly. I like hunting, I have my own rifle, isn't Rod and Gun the right club for me?”

“Oh, yes, I'm sorry, but we've had so many students joining and having no interest in what the club does. Very odd it is.”

I joined, I paid my subscription and I invited the two guys to a drink at the pub near my new home. Kandy and Peter had found a small, but cosy, apartment for the three of us not far from the college while I was visiting my parents on the other side of the planet.

“Very odd, all these sociology and political science people wanting to join the Rod and Gun Club. I'm a physicist and Jerry is in law.” said John the club president. “Day after tomorrow is the first club meeting.”