Jennffer and Mummy

Until I met your Dad.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

“You have done very well, Jennffer. Passed all of your exams after only three years at school and on your way to college. And you've got a girlfriend and a boyfriend too. I was only interested in girls at your age, until I met your Dad...”

“Mum! That's nothing! In three years you have become Prime Minister of this country and now you are President.”

“I know, Jennffer! But your turn will come up soon. I've got plans for you. Next Saturday is...”

“Yes, yes, I know, the President's Annual Garden Party. I've ordered a dress already.”

“With Attrishen?”

“Of course! It does not matter if you love or hate Attrishen. In this country you've gotta wear Attrishen.”