Jennffer at the other end

I was walking over the rock pools.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

It was Peter's idea – go to some other part of the country and have a quiet week before Easter, before working hard for our exams.

Peter and Kandy drove for hours, along the coast. The weather was not wonderful, but the change was. We found a good hotel in a small seaside town and relaxed for several days.

Kandy and I wanted to see the big film on TV that night, but Peter had other ideas. “I'll drive up the coast and go for a walk.”

He came back very late. “You'll never guess who I met. I was walking over the rock pools about five kilometres north of here when I saw your old head teacher, Miss Pringold.”

“She told me all about her new school, very odd, lots of teachers, but no girls. She told me that Miss Haroyd was also there, I don't remember Miss Haroyd though.”

“Miss Pringold told me more about the school and I realised that it was a long way away, we drove pass it on our way here. She must have been walking for hours and it was getting late. I offered to drive her back to the school.”

“The two nurses at the school thanked me for bringing Miss Pringold back. I asked how many teachers were at the school. They just laughed...”

“Wait a moment, Peter, please! Kandy has not the best memories of the school at the other end of the country.”

Kandy was shaking, she was not happy.

“Peter! Please do something!”

Peter did what was necessary.