Jennffer says nothing

I maul 'em, I like it.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

I know who you are. Who else would creep up behind me while I'm reading the notice board and put her hand in my sleeve.

And I know what you want. You want a mauling, don't you? But that's not all. I know what it's about, it's about Tricia, isn't it? You know why I don't maul Tricia.

I maul girls, I maul boys, though only Henry now. So why don't I maul Tricia? She's pretty enough, she thinks she likes girls, but she don't. I only maul girls and boys who like me and she don't like girls really. I know that, you know that. So why do I tell you this?

And there is something else that I gotta tell yer. I'm violent, when I get a girl or a boy or a teacher in my arms, I don't let 'em go, I maul 'em, I like it. I'm violent, like I said, but you, Jennffer, are more than violent. You are breathing heavily down the back of my neck, and that means I have to do whatever you say – no arguing – just do it. You are a manipulator, Jennffer, a megalomaniac.

OK, OK! I'll do it. I saw Tricia at the last girl-boy-programme seminar, but she left before the chinwag, she thinks she don't like boys, but she does really. I will talk to Henry and arrange for Tricia to meet a nice boy or three after the next seminar. She won't have a choice.

Happy with that? No problem. You know what is going to happen next, don't you?