Jennffer on the rise

Bucket of cold water!

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Copyright © 2012, Michael M Wayman

“Hello girls!”

“Hello Jennffer! Hello Catherine!”

“So why are you girls here on the rise on the last day of the summer term? Another question. What has Catherine got in that bucket? Lots of cold water?”


“OK, has everyone got a chocolate bar? Good! Then you are now all sweet enough to listen to what I have to say. You are all going to be in the top class next term. I want to tell you something about your future and a little something else.”

“So, most of you will take your exams at the end of the coming year. I wish you every success, I know, I need it too. Some of you will spend two years in the top class, again, all the success in the world. And then you will all leave school. This needs some thinking about, some of you will go to college, some will get a job, start a career, some will get married, start a family. Who knows?”

“It's up to you and you have time to think about it. However if you haven't already talked to Miss Hartlepool, our careers teacher, you will do next term.”

“The new school year means something else, the new girls in the first class. Remember, you were that young once. I want you to help the new girls. I remember being helped by the then head girl.” I also remembered helping her, poor Susan.

“I want you all to be helpful, to be responsible. I also have to tell you that I am a murderer. That's right, I've just killed an old school tradition, no more slaves.”

“The girls in the top class do not need girls in the first class to clean their shoes, iron their clothes, and worse. The little so-called slave beds are being removed. Stop groaning! Just accept it, no more slaves. Any questions?”

“Yes, why don't I get mauled by Catherine?”

Catherine turned to Sharon. “You, Sharon are responsible for, and I want everybody here to know this, Sharon scored the most goals for the school hockey team this year. Sharon will get a good mauling, but later.” Cheers from everyone.

“So what have we learnt? If you want a mauling from Catherine, you've got to earn it. Secondly, you have to think about your future. Thirdly, you have to help the new girls. And firstly, have a good holiday!”