Jennffer and the Olympics

Let me go!

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Copyright © 2012, Michael M Wayman

I opened my eyes. “Oh, good morning, dearest darling Jennffer! It is so good to see your face, so close to mine. But could you jump off me, I have to go to the bathroom, like now!”


“Jennffer, please! Let me go!”

“NO! NO! NO! Not until you tell me why you are so unhappy. I like sitting on you.”

“Jennffer, I'm desperate!”

“Scunty, tell me! Tell me now!”

“Please, Jennffer!”

“Tell me now! Let me guess! Is it Peter?”

“Yes!” I yelled.

Jennffer jumped off me and I must have broken the Olympic record for getting out of bed and reaching the bathroom.

Later that day the three of us were lying in bed doing nothing much, just talking and looking at the ceiling.

“Peter! I have something to tell you. Are you listening?”

“Yes, Jennffer! Do you want to tell me that you are pregnant?”

“No, it's not that. It's, it's, it's Miss Scunthorpe.”

Peter got out of bed, walked round to my side of the bed and I was very rough with him.