Jennffer lisps

She is so gentle.

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Copyright © 2012, Michael M Wayman

I think that you have the wrong idea about Jennffer. You think that she pushes people around, that she is bossy, manipulative even, does what she wants, always gets her own way.

Well, there is some truth in that, but you are totally wrong when you think that she commands people, shouts even, orders people about, threatens them, hits them, uses harsh language.

No, no, no! That's not Jennffer. OK, she kicked Miss Pringold, but not very hard, and what do you do with a mad head teacher who has grabbed your legs?

And no, she does not always get her way, I chose her as my lover, Peter chose her as his lover, Miss Pringold chose her as administration assistant and let her run the school, Miss Stiltoe chose her for the new girl-boy-programme.

No, Jennffer is quiet, soft-spoken and kind to everybody. She always wants to help. She speaks quietly – she has a lisp. Even when she's in the great hall with a microphone you can hear a slight lisp in her voice.

She is so gentle, not like me, but I have to be gentle when I'm with Jennffer, I don't know why, it is just so. She puts her arms round me, very lightly, and lisps very softly in my ear.

This morning the team, I mean the school hockey team, had a great game. I told them so, especially Catherine, the team captain. Did I get a mauling! And did I like it!

I asked Jennffer to give me a mauling, I said that I would like it, I said that she liked it too. Catherine mauls everyone she likes, especially Jennffer.

Jennffer stared at me. She put her arms round me, very lightly, put her head in my cleavage and cried herself to sleep.