Jennffer and the advice

Can I ask you?

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

“Oh! I'm so pleased that you have come to see me in my office. Yes, what did I say? Any time you have a problem or need advice, especially about our girl-boy-programme, come and ask me. So...”

“Well, er, um, it's about a girl, you know. I want to ask you about a girl.”

I nod. Which girl does he fancy? Pity it's not me.

“I like one of the girls, but I don't know how to tell her that. You being a girl, perhaps you could answer this. Is it alright when I tell a girl that she is pretty? She won't get upset or anything?”

“Oh no, Peter! No, she won't mind. She will probably like it, if you are not making fun of her. She may not show that she likes it. Try saying it again, but with other words.”

Peter takes a big breath.

“Jennffer! You are very pretty – you are beautiful – I like you!”

“Oh, Peter! I like you too! I'm glad you had the courage to say it.”

“Peter! I want to hear more. Right now! It is lunchtime. Let's skip lunch and go for a walk.”

We walk round the playing fields and over the small rise to the lake. I put my hand in his hand. It is difficult to get the words out. Just a few sentences. We hold hands.

“I feel great standing here with you, Peter!”

“Me too! I like you. It's more than that. You may think that I'm silly, but I...”

“Oh, Peterkins! Just hold me tight! I want you. Soon we have to go back, but I want to be with you again, very soon. I have an idea.”

“Do you know where the hunters' hut is? Deep in the woods? Some people call it the shooting lodge as a joke. There's no hunting at the moment, wrong time of year. Can you meet me there at midnight tonight?”