Jennffer arranges

Very inspiring.

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“Good morning, Miss Stiltoe!”

“Good morning, Jennffer! I want you to organise a meeting of the whole school at three o'clock this afternoon in the great hall. And put a chair for each teacher on the platform, and two for Catherine and yourself.”

“Yes, Miss Stiltoe. Do you want me to write a speech for you?”

“Thank you, but no.”

I arranged another time for the theatre group to rehearse in the great hall, I put posters on all the main doors and told all the teachers: very important meeting at three for everybody in the great hall. Sharon and Catherine helped with the chairs.

“Good afternoon, girls!” and turning to the teachers “and good afternoon, ladies! I have something important to say.”

“Miss Pringold and Miss Haroyd have transferred to the school at the other end of the country. We wish them success.”

“The governors have met and appointed me as your new head teacher and Miss Hartlepool as your new deputy head teacher. What does this mean for you?”

Miss Stiltoe spoke of the new girl-boy-programme, a new start for the school, the seminars, new teachers, the new gym in the next term, new teaching subjects, more cooperation with the boys' school, new buildings, and so on. Very inspiring.

“However I need your help, girls. And also the help of the whole team who are right behind me. Let me show you” and turning to the teachers “Please stand up, ladies!”

We all stood and I kicked Catherine:

“OK, girls! Let's hear a double Uffetton Roar
for Miss Stiltoe and the team and for the school!”

Hip, Hip, Uffetton!
Hip, Hip, Uffetton!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Uffetton!
Hip, Hip, Uffetton!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!