Jennffer and the new head girl

She gave me a right mauling.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

“Jennffer, I want a word with you! How come you get everything and I get nothing? You get any girl you want. I've seen you. You get any teacher you want. I know it. You're Miss Pringold's fancy girl now, aren't you?”

“Well, no, not really! I'm Miss Pringold's assistant and...”

“Oh, don't tell me that. We all know what she's like. But she don't like me, I tried and she didn't want to know.”

“Catherine! Listen to me! You're too good for Miss Pringold. Don't waste your...”

“Miss Hargreaves didn't want me neither.”

“Catherine, Miss Hargreaves is like that to all the girls. I don't know why she is so...”

“And why aren't I the deputy head girl? I can play hockey just as good as Katie, the head girl. No, I can play better than she does, I'm definitely the better captain, that's true. So, you're not with Miss Pringold. That means that you are free. That means...”

She grabbed me and gave me a right mauling.

“Jennffer! Did you like that?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Jennffer! Do you love me?”

“No! And listen to me, Catherine! You are never going to be deputy head girl.”

Catherine cried “You ain't very kind to me, Jennffer!”

“Listen to me, Catherine! You are never going to be deputy head girl, because we've never had a deputy head girl.”

“But I've got news for you. Katie has left the school and I'm not going to say why, don't ask. I have spoken with Miss Scunthorpe and we have agreed to make you captain of the school hockey team. And yes, that makes you head girl. I have told Miss Pringold to make you head girl.”

“So, Catherine, does that make you happy? Don't answer and don't maul me yet. I have something else to tell you, even more important. Are you listening?”

“Er, yes, I mean, thank you, I want...”

“Shut up and listen to this! You are head girl. What does a head girl want? The head girl wants a nice boy. Where is a head girl going to meet a nice boy in a girls' school? Good question! Again don't ask! You'll get your chance this coming Friday and that's a promise. Now you can maul me.”

The second mauling was heavier and longer that the first.

Miss Pringold came into the office. “Now, now, Catherine, you don't have to be so nice to Jennffer, now that you are head girl.”

I could have kicked her.