Jennffer and the candle dance

Miss Pringold babbling away.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

I came back from the bathroom in the middle of the night, I saw dancing lights through the window, down below on the Great Lawn were Miss Haroyd and Katie. They were dancing naked with candles in their hands. I went back to bed.

Another person to worry about – two days later it happened.

Everyone was in the Great Hall, I at the back and Miss Pringold babbling away on the rostrum at the front. Why did she not keep to the speech I had written for her?

I noticed that Katie had unbuttoned her blouse and lit a candle. I put my hand over her mouth and bundled her out of the hall. She did not struggle. I manhandled her down the corridor and into the sick room.

I looked in her eyes – I could see two candle flames.

I looked in her eyes – I realised that she could not see me.