Jennffer is strange

I love her very much.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

No, I don't know who Jennffer is, though I love her. Jennffer is not the name on her passport, she said so. She doesn't want to know my first name, I'm always Miss Scunthorpe to her.

Yes, the honeymoon is over, but we are still together and it is good.

Jennffer says that she is proud of me. She says I look real good and when I look in the mirror I have to agree with her. Jennffer has done everything for me. Thank you, Jennffer!

Were the girls surprised when the new term started – who is that new games teacher – so pretty is she. I told them that I am my sister and some of them still believe it.

I'm pretty, but Jennffer is beautiful. I love her very much, but who is she?

She has skipped a class, but I don't think she needs to go to lessons, she knows it all. She has funny ideas, she says she goes hunting at night. It is true that she is often away. What she does nobody knows.

I can guess. Jennffer is a very big person, too big for just little me. I know that I have to share Jennffer, perhaps with another woman or another man, or perhaps with several. Jennffer is that big.

One night I woke alone in bed. I could see the shape of some man against the moonlight, and then a gun. Oh, help!

“It's only me, Miss Scunthorpe. The weather's filthy outside. I'll just put my gun away. I'm wet and cold. Just wait a moment, till I jump into that nice warm bed and wrap myself around your lovely body.”

She did, just as she had promised. It was wonderful. Everybody was there at the meeting, all the teachers and the governors.

Miss Pringold made a big speech about a wonderful statue of Sir John Uffetton, the founder, on his horse. Miss Haroyd hung a huge picture, that she had painted, of Sir John Uffetton and animal on the wall.

Mr Leftlloyd, governor and architect, gave a really good speech about the need for a new gymnasium. He gave everyone a big folder of facts and drawings – it was so professional.

Everybody but Miss Pringold and Miss Haroyd wanted the new gym.