Jennffer and the gym

Try and persuade me!

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

I looked in the school year book and found the names of the teachers, the governors and a few other people who made up the big group. Yep, I was going to visit all of them and persuade them to back the new gym idea. Everyone except Miss Pringold and Miss Haroyd, of course.

I visited the old gym, it was worse than I expected. I took Miss Scunthorpe's words and ideas and wrote myself a five minute presentation.

It went better than I expected. Most of the teachers bought the new gym idea immediately – I got the idea that Miss Pringold was not much loved. However I hit stone with Miss Hargreaves, it was not the idea she didn't like, no, it was me. I think that Miss Hargreaves is a very clever young teacher with a promising future, I was disappointed, but you can't win them all.

I left Miss Stiltoe until last. The deputy head teacher is very strict, she teaches physics which I don't get. The girls call her “Steel Toes” behind her back. This was a tough one, but I had to try.

“Come in, Jennffer! I have been expecting you. Sit down and try and persuade me!”

Ten minutes later. “Thank you, Jennffer! I shall think about this, but I must say that your arguments are good. Are you going to visit the governors? You should, you know.”

“Before you go, Jennffer, I will give you some advice, I won't explain, so don't ask. You probably know this already.”

“Stay away from Miss Pringold! You may go now.”

Mr and Mrs Penghast are both governors. Mrs Penghast was very pleased and somewhat surprised to be visited by one of the school girls. We sat at their kitchen table. Mrs Penghast liked my ideas, Mr Penghast said nothing, he was rather tied up, mainly with rope.

Mr Leftlloyd is both governor and architect. He bought the new gym idea straight away. Oh yes, and promised to make some drawings for a gym, no wait a moment, for THE new gym for the meeting. Oh yes, buckets of enthusiasm.

Mr Cricklewaite is the head teacher of the boys' school in Great Uffetton and had no problem with yes.

Professor and Doctor Smith-Brown are governors and said yes.