Jennffer bites back

Catherine's hands were everywhere.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

I was standing on the landing looking down below. Catherine came in and Miss Scunthorpe was just about to leave.

Catherine smiled at Miss Scunthorpe, picked her up and pinned her against the wall. Miss Scunthorpe did not object, Catherine's hands were everywhere, Miss Scunthorpe's feet were above the floor. Miss Scunthorpe groaned quietly, slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Catherine bent down and kissed her on the forehead, laughed and left.

After a while Miss Scunthorpe stood up, ran up the stairs and saw me. Her face dropped. “Oh, Jennffer, please forgive me! She does it to all the girls. I can't stop her. She is so big. Please forgive me!”

I walked straight up to her and bit her ear gently.