Jennffer and Sir John Uffetton

It's shabby and useless.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

“Jennffer! Listen to me! There is something on my mind. It is very important to me. Please listen to me!”

“I'm all ears, darling Miss Scunthorpe. You can tell me anything.”

“An old girl, I mean real old, like over ninety, wants to give a lot of money to the school to improve the school, something special. Just think, Jennffer, she was here as a school girl eighty years ago.”

“Sounds good, doesn't it? But no, that silly cow the head teacher, Miss Pringold, wants to spend the money on a statue. I mean, who wants an effing statue, especially one of Sir John Uffetton on his horse. He founded the school over five million years ago, or so the story goes.”

“I've got a much better idea, Jennffer. You've been in the gym, haven't you? I know that you don't do games. I've never asked you about that, you know that. But the old gym is in a terrible state. The heating doesn't work, so we can't use it in the winter. The roof leaks, so we can't use it much at all. It's shabby and it's useless.”

“We need a new gym – good for the girls – good for the school – good for the image of the school – something good to show the parents when they visit the school. What d'yer think Jennffer?”

“Darling, you have sold me the idea. I buy it. More than that, I think that I can do something about it. For you Darling and for the school. I must think about this.”

“Jennffer, in two weeks the big group meets, that is all the teachers and the governors, and makes the decision.”

“Oh, not much time. I gotta think. But first close your eyes and I will make you very happy.”