Jennffer and the horse

She buys sweets for all the girls.

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Copyright © 2011, Michael M Wayman

There are two odd girls in the school now. I'm watching them, I can tell you.

The first one is called Jennffer. Very strange, she has no nickname. She started in the first class last year, although I think she was too old and too big. Now she is in the third class, next year she'll be in the fifth or sixth class, I suppose.

She is different, her school uniform is cut differently, she is very independent, she goes where she likes and when she likes. She skips lessons and no one cares. There is a story that she has a rifle and goes hunting in the woods at night. Sometimes even I could believe it.

She is a trouble maker – I must watch her carefully.

Sarah is a new girl, also strange. She has got the nickname “the Horse” because she has a horse. Every day after lessons she goes to a nearby farm and rides her horse. She or her parents have loads of money. She speaks in a funny way and buys sweets for all the other girls at the tuck shop, I've seen her doing that.

Oh yes, Sarah is very popular. Funny though, I've never seen Sarah and Jennffer together. However today, what did I see? I've got to tell you.

Sarah was climbing up the grand stairs in her riding clothes after her daily ride. Jennffer came up the stairs very quickly behind her. Sarah stopped at the top and Jennffer bumped her face into her.

Jennffer walked around to the front of Sarah, I suppose to apologise. But no, Sarah looked Jennffer up and down and said in a loud voice “Oh! Yerst!” She put her hand in Jennffer's hand and they both disappeared up the next stairs before I had a chance to follow.