Jennffer and the trap

You know where your tongue belongs.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

You are in a trap. You cannot escape. You will remain forever in the trap.

Ha, ha, you cannot speak, your mouth is filled with a part of me.

You did not know there was a Miss Scunthorpe trap, did you? But you fell right into it. I did not know, you did not know, Miss Scunthorpe did not know, Jennffer did not know.

You pushed me against a tree, you were very forceful, you know where your tongue belongs. You are in a Miss Scunthorpe trap.

What happens to a Miss Scunthorpe in a Miss Scunthorpe trap? Ha, ha, caresses. You will be caressed, caressed gently all over. Every where, every secret place you have, it will be caressed.

I will caress you, every part of you. I will caress you with every part of me that I got.