Jennffer and the big catch

Like two sacks of potatoes.

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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

There was no school rule about it, no, you just knew it. The bar, actually both bars in the village, but especially that bar was out-of-bounds. No, never go in there.

Sometime after midnight I walked through the village feeling unhappy, I hadn't shot anything, just miserable. The lights in the bar were as bright as usual, maybe somebody was having a good time.

The door opened and two very rough looking guys dragged two girls towards a car. The usual drunks, but wait a moment, the two girls were Sharon and her mate Chantelle.

I took the rifle from my back, loaded and fired two warning shots over their heads. The men dropped the girls and drove off rapidly.

I pulled the two girls from the ground like two sacks of potatoes and dragged them back to the school. They stank of cigarettes and alcohol.

I took them to the sick room at the school and had a big surprise. The two girls were wearing the most colourful and the most skimpy and the most cheap clothes that I had ever seen. I threw them onto the sick bed, they had already passed out.

Before I left them I stole their handbags and the very pretty ring from Sharon's hand.