Jennffer is not alone

Go for a walk!

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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

I am sitting here alone. I am in Susan's room, but Susan is gone, gone forever. Maybe I'll never see her again.

The summer hols have started, but I'm staying here, just with Cook and a few others. Hopefully I can fly home for Christmas, but that's a long way off.

I don't miss Susan, it's good for Susan to start something new, hopefully she'll find a nice boy, I don't miss her really.

I have to move out of the room, Susan is gone, I don't like the new head girl, I don't want to share with any girl really.

“Jennffer, would you like to go for a walk, to the lake, through the woods and back again?”

It is Miss Scunthorpe, the games teacher, who I don't know and don't particularly want to know, but I can't be impolite.

We talk about this and that, Miss Scunthorpe is actually quite jolly, this is a surprise for me, as I said I've never been near her before.

And! Not one word about me never doing games, in fact, not one word about games, she seems to like me somehow, why I don't know, strange.

But she does look odd, sort of round and shapeless, the girls call her Lumpy, she appears to be a round, shapeless lump. I think that she could improve her appearance, but I say nothing, just idle chat.

Suddenly she pushes me against a tree, there is nothing that I can do about it, Miss Scunthorpe is the games teacher, Miss Scunthorpe is very strong. “I want you.” There is nothing that I can do about it, Miss Scunthorpe is the games teacher, Miss Scunthorpe is very strong, Miss Scunthorpe has a very, very long tongue.

Suddenly she pulls back from me, stares at me. “I shouldn't have done that. But I wanted to. I could lose my job over this. Please don't tell anyone. Please, I don't want to lose my job, please.”

“Miss Scunthorpe, I must have a serious word with you. But not here! Come with me!”

I grab her hand and take her back to Susan's room.

“Sit there!” I point to the sofa. “I want to have a serious word with you, Miss Scunthorpe. I have to tell you the truth. Are you listening?” She is.

“No woman, no lady, wears what you are wearing. None of it. Don't you want to look like a woman?” She does. “Don't you want to look like a lady?” She does. “Then why are you wearing that thing that looks like trousers? Women who want to look like women don't wear trousers. Got it?” She does.

“Take 'em off! Right now!” Miss Scunthorpe removes them. She has short legs, but they are not fat, no they are muscular. “Miss Scunthorpe, you are not going to wear these things again. And why? Because they are damaged, can't you see. Pick the legs up by the knees and pull them apart. Rip! You see, they are damaged. You will never wear them again. Throw them on the floor!” She does.

“What is that top that you are wearing, Miss Scunthorpe? Is it supposed to be a blouse or a bag? Take it off, now!”

“Oh, no, no! I can't do that, please don't make me. Please!”

“Miss Scunthorpe, take it off, now!”

She takes it off. I expect that she is not wearing a bra, she isn't, no, the surprise is different, two big breasts, but the left one is half the size of the right one.

“Oh, Jennffer! I did not want you to see my lopsided breasts, please don't look at them.”

“Miss Scunthorpe, we are all a bit lopsided in one way or another, I like your breasts the way they are.”

“Oh, Jennffer! You are so kind to me.”

“Miss Scunthorpe, please stand up!” She stands and I notice that apart from her knickers she is no longer lumpy, quite attractive really.

“Miss Scunthorpe, what have you got round your bot? Those aren't knickers. Cook would call them Schinkenbeutel, the coarse linen bags that keep the flies off the meat hanging in the cold room.”

I move forward to her, I put one arm around her and one hand up to her head. I remove the pins holding her bun. Her hair falls down. It is wonderfully long. I run my fingers through it like a comb. Wonderful, although the ends look as if they have been cut with a hedge trimmer.

I realise that I have something beautiful in my arms.