Jennffer and wrestling

Smoke behind the bicycle sheds.

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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

“No, Mother, keep away from them, especially Sharon, she's the leader of the band. They're just bad, you know, smoke behind the bicycle sheds and that sort of thing.”

“Susan, there aren't any bicycle sheds.”

“You know what I mean, and you not doing sports and all. They'll pick on you. Blow smoke in your face or worse. I'm supposed to keep them under control, I'm head girl you know. But what can I do? Just keep away from them, please!”

It was not difficult to keep away from Sharon's gang. They were in another class. They used to hang about the hut next to the main hockey playing field. The hut was open on the hockey side and kept the rain off spectators. Sharon's gang used to smoke in the hut while one of them kept watch. I certainly had no need to go near that hut.

But one day I did and I got an earful, lots of words that I do not want to hear again.

“Oh, you're so sporty. Wanna have a fight, Jennffer? You must be so strong. Jennffer is the queen of the games. Com'on, I challenge you to a fight.”

“OK, but my choice of weapons, Sharon. How about fist wrestling?”

“What's that?”

“I'll show you. Put your elbow on this table! OK? I put my elbow next to it. So! And we clasp hands and push. You win by pushing my fist down on the table, got it? My fist down, you win. Your fist down, I win. Simple really!”

“Yeah! Simple!”

Sharon put her left elbow on the table. I was expecting this, Sharon is left-handed, but both my arms are strong, strong enough to hold a rifle.

I put my left elbow on the table and let Sharon push my arm backwards and forwards. She was strong, but not strong enough. I increased my efforts and slowly pushed her fist down.

“Best of three!” demanded Sharon.

“Of course!” and pushed Sharon's right fist flat on the table.

“You win this time, Jennffer, but next time it will be different.”