Henry in jam

I can see everybody coming and going.

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Copyright © 2012, Michael M Wayman

It's good sitting here, under the great stairs, I can see everybody coming and going. And even better, today is Friday and the hunks are here. One day I will get a hunk of my own, just as lovely as Henry or maybe better.

There goes Jennffer, she's a real girl, a real woman, I want to be like her when I grow up. And close behind is Catherine, she is real pretty. If I could only have the brains of Jennffer and the looks of Catherine.

But I know what is going to happen next, I don't understand it, Catherine grabs Jennffer and gives her a real mauling. I think that Jennffer likes it, Catherine certainly does.

Oh, no! There is Henry on the first landing. He has seen everything. This is bad news.

I am waiting by the grandstand, I want to see all the hunks, the big boys from the other school, on the running track. Oh, how I would like to have one of them wrapped round me and then... Well, yes, that's the problem. What happens after that? I don't know, but it's probably very nice. If I only had a big hunk...

“Hello, Elisheba! Are you waiting for someone too?”

WOW! He remembers my name. “Hello, Henry! Yes, I'm waiting for a hunk who's as big and strong and lovely as you are.”

“Oh, Elisheba! You've got a long time to go before you need to get interested in boys. You should be enjoying being a schoolgirl. You won't get the time again. Enjoy it while you can.”

“Hello, Elisheba! Hello, Henry! Lovely afternoon for a run, isn't it?”

Henry takes my hand and kisses it. Miss Scunthorpe walks off in the direction of the lake and Henry follows. I ain't going to wash that hand for a month.

“No, Henry, no! You can't ask that and you know it. You're an adult now – the rules are different now.” The two of us stood by the lake. Henry is real nice, but he needs to grow up a bit.

“I know what your problem is, I know how you think and I know that the solution is by you and in you. Sometimes you have to share things, sometimes you have to share your lover with someone else. That's life! No apologies.”

“No, Henry. Other people have to share too. I do myself. I accept it. It's part of my life. I'm happy.” Henry thinks that I'm just the jolly but naïve games teacher, what does he know?

“It's not the first time I've told one of you boys, I mean, young men, that sometimes it needs more than two to tango. Think about it!”

“Let's go back to the track and see which is the fastest hunk, as Elisheba calls you guys.”

I am waiting by the grandstand, I want to see all the boys on the running track.

“Hello, Elisheba! Are you waiting for someone too?”

“Hello, Jennffer, I want to see all the hunks running round the track.”

“Hello Elisheba! Hello, Jennffer!” It's the number one big hunk himself.

Henry and Jennffer walk together over the rise to the lake. They stand there. They talk not. They come back.

I am waiting by the grandstand, I want to see the hunks.

“Hello, Elisheba! Are you waiting for someone too?”

“Hello, Catherine, I want to see all the boys running round the track.”

Catherine bends down to my ear and whispers “Elisheba, I want you do something special for me, please do it for me. When Henry comes I want you to whisper IDIOT in his ear and smack his face, please do it for me.”

I don't have time to think, Henry is suddenly here. “Hello, Elis...”

I whisper in his ear “That idiot Catherine wants me to slap you in the face.”

“And I deserve it.”

Is he crying or laughing?

Have you read ravioli has it and aid to hearing?