unexpected hulk

You can’t just shoot up any old asteroid or so.

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Copyright © 2020, Michael M Wayman

We were in a very quiet part of the galaxy, not much to see, just heading to the next rocky planet, when the system reported a hulk.

Hello Everyone,

Something has happened, not bad, but unusual for this part of the galaxy. It’s a hulk, an old abandoned freighter. I looked it up in the database, it’s a fever ship, the remains of the crew and the virus are still aboard, it has no power, it’s just drifting about. Just look at your info screens.

No, we are not going anywhere near it, it could be dangerous.

Regulations say that our ship has to be armed with two working star-powder cannons. I have to test the star-powder cannons once a year; this is not easy as you can’t just shoot up any old asteroid or so, you’ve gotta find some spaceship junk somewhere. This old hulk is just what I need for this year’s test.

However I’m not going to blow it up, just nudge it onto a trajectory into a nearby star. So in about two hours there will be a whizz-bang: a star-powder cannon will fire, there will be an explosion and the hulk will change its direction by about 2 degrees. It might be entertaining.

Till then, your captain, William Birdsall.

The star-powder cannons are useless: big enough to annoy, but too small to cause much harm, but enough to divert the hulk. Time for a shower and lunch.

Hello Everyone,

Time to fire the star-powder cannon. No big deal, the computers have it under control, no count-down, just a click here on the screen and off it goes. Lots of whizz and a big bang, not that you hear anything. The computers have announced success. I hope you found that a little entertaining.

Your captain, William Birdsall.