granny and the burnt pizza

I can play football with the satellites.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

I kicked the door in, ran through the hotel room, grabbed the girl from the balcony, threw her on the bed and sat on her. The paramedics came, drugged her and took her away. We never saw her again.

It's cold up here flying just under the clouds, but I've got my thick underwear on underneath my super-hero suit. I just fly about all day long over the island looking for young lady tourists in danger.

With my X-ray vision I can see young lady tourists falling into ravines or off cliffs or out of high buildings. I swoop down even faster than a rocket and catch them.

Just one thing though, I do take a lunch break, I come down to earth and eat baked beans on toast with a fried egg on top. You ask how I can afford that and every day too. I have to have the best, I am a super-hero. So, remember, if you are going to jump into a ravine please do it in the afternoon.

What's that noise? It was three in the morning and much peeping. I looked out the window. There was white smoke coming out of a ground floor window.

We were staying in my parents' house in the country while they were on holiday. There was a granny flat below, but no granny in it, certainly not the granny. I grabbed a dressing gown and ran down into the garden.

The flat was rented out to a young woman who I could see through the window and the smoke. I climbed into the window, turned off the oven, grabbed the girl from behind, dragged her out into the garden and dumped her on a bench. She leaned over the arm rest and enriched the flower bed.

It's pretty cool up here, I can play football with the satellites, I'm on the lookout for small wars and sinking ships and motorway pile-ups; you know, the small-to-medium problems that happen daily on your planet. Now that I have graduated to the First Outer Dimension of Super-Heroes I can truly...

She took my head in her hands and rubbed her cheek on mine. I like you Johnnie just the way you are. I love you Johnnie just the way you are. You are a quiet guy, you like to help, but without fuss.

You rescued that girl who wanted to dive into the swimming pool from the top floor of the hotel, but you hated it when her parents came to thank you. I am not going to use the H-word, but I like what you do and who you are.

You saved that drunk girl who came home late, put a pizza in the oven and fell asleep. Just your luck that you put on that Superman dressing gown that your Mum gave your Dad as a joke for Xmas.

I know that you have been having bad dreams.

Calm down Johnnie, granny loves you. I love you.