suddenly green

It was just so orange, so awful.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

He clicked on another site. Up came that face, that orange coloured face, that he had seen so many times before. It was not staring at him, it was looking upwards and slightly to one side with that “Why am I such an idiot?” look on it.

It was just so orange, so awful. He had the urge to paint it green, no, not the whole face, just the hair on the top of the face.

He saved the image as a file, but Gimp refused to open it. He used the originally-named convert utility to convert the RIFF-format file into a JPEG. He opened it with Gimp and selected an airbrush paint-tool and a dark green colour. Soon the hair was all green. He selected white to do the eyebrows.

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