bag of wind

It’s all rather sooty.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

What do I know? I have found out that Golden Future City has four electricity power stations, all coal-fired. It also has an enormous steel plant and an enormous cement plant.

These six plants produce enormous amounts of cancerous micro-particles and enormous amounts of poisonous gases and enormous amounts of climate-changing gases.

Golden Future City is expanding, it needs more and more electricity, it needs more and more steel and cement. It is difficult to breathe, luckily I don’t have do that.

So obviously Pow 8 is the newest and the best of the four electricity power stations. Pow 2 is an old first-generation power station. It does not produce much electricity, despite being run flat out. Not a good idea, especially as Pow 5 is right next door.

Pow 1 and Pow 3 were also first-generation power stations, but they blew up.

Pow 5 is a second-generation power station, it produces half as much as Pow 7 or Pow 8. However it should never have been in operation next to Pow 2.

Pow 7 and Pow 8 are third-generation power stations and together they produce most of the electric power that Golden Future City needs. However they are both run at full power and are never turned off for maintenance.

But you are asking what happened to Pow 6? Pow 6 was a second-generation power station, like Pow 5. Pow 6 just stopped one day, never to run again. Pow 9 is being built where Pow 6 had been and will be ready in three years time. So what is the problem?

Golden Future City needs more and more electrical power, but has only four power stations and new ones take five years to build.

At least one power station will cease to function over the next three years – poor maintenance.

One sunny morning in July there was a loud bang, as expected Pow 2 had exploded. An hour later the two cooling towers used by Pow 2 collapsed.

But you are saying no problem, you’ve seen cooling towers being blown up on TV, they come straight down and don’t damage anything else. That’s what you think. Yes, they fold up like a handkerchief when being destroyed by controlled explosions. No, they collapse all over the place when the next door power station blows up.

An hour later Pow 5 collapsed. Both power stations were irreparable. Big problems – the steel plant and the cement plant had to be closed. But the air was cleaner.

One sunny morning in August there was a loud bang, unexpectedly Pow 7 had exploded. It was irreparable. Both high-pressure safety valves on the boilers had been jammed shut. Huge problems – Pow 8 alone could not deliver enough electrical power to Golden Future City. But the air was cleaner.

What to do?

Pow 9 will take three years to finish building.

A new boiler for Pow 7 takes three years to make.

A new boiler for Pow 7 from abroad – the government says no.

New coal-fired power stations take five years to build.

What about those very odd wind-generators and solar panel farms?

Within months a whole lot of wind-generators and solar panel farms were erected – most odd looking and no soot and no pollution.

Shining Light was elected best, favourite, number-one schoolgirl. She is now at college and is best, favourite, number-one student. I wash her on Mondays and the air is much cleaner.