two women safe houses

They walked through a tunnel.

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A big explosion. Nickel pulled the two of them into a tunnel. They walked through the tunnel to a train platform; an underground railway perhaps. They waited. They heard more explosions.

Nickel was glad that she had got the two to safely, that they were wearing face masks and that their smart phones were in Nickel’s metal box.

Matron was happy that Señor Hasselgrün had agreed to finance two women safe houses for three years in the city.

Señor Hasselgrün was glad to be still alive.

A tram came, they boarded the tram and travelled to the north of the city. They alighted and found themselves in a high street; in a small town that had obviously been eaten by the expanding city. They entered a pub, had a few drinks and a meal; although Nickel ate and drank nothing as usual. They took a room for the night.

Nickel sat in a comfy chair facing the door. She sat guard until morning.