doughnuts for breakfast

On the outskirts of Sevenholmes.

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Copyright © 2021, Michael M Wayman

We woke in the morning to the sound of banging on the windows and front door. I managed to extricate myself from Mrs Happy and Sweet Dreams and looked out the window.

A crowd of football supporters were waiting for a very important, early football game. And the other house was parked on the football pitch, in The Big City Road Recreation Ground on the outskirts of Sevenholmes.

We lifted off and landed shortly afterwards in the middle of Sevenholmes. We bought a big bag of doughnuts and knocked on an unmarked door on a large building. The password is doughnuts for breakfast. The door opened and in we all trooped.

It was the safe house, for all the threatened woman in Sevenholmes. They were just like us girls. We introduced ourselves and started conversations. Someone made mugs of coffee and poured the big bag of doughnuts onto the table. Great breakfast.

A loud bang on the front door. Most of us knew that sound. Nickel knew what to do, she opened the front door, went though the door and returned immediately. She held a sledgehammer in one hand and a man in the other. “Another one for your collection!”

Somebody took the sledgehammer and put it with the others in a cupboard under the stairs. The man, who was being held by the belt of his trousers, received a precision thumping.

She dropped him on the floor. “Crawl back to where you came from.” He crawled very slowly out through the door, she slammed the door after him. Everybody applauded.

A great day. But tomorrow we are crossing the sea to another land.