Oscar Tango Hotel Romeo

I got pretty robust tiles on my roof I can tell you.

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I travelled north. I had not filed a flight plan, no wings. I mainly followed the valleys and the moors, there was more to see.

My transponder was turned off; I had selected ‘no visual image’ and ‘no radar image” in my image binder, all of which made me invisible. Using the image binder I constructed a fake visual image of myself about 500 metres in front of myself.

I expected something bad. It happened. Two fighter planes swooped down on me in Crop Head Valley, or rather on the fake image of me, to observed me. They turned and swooped down on me again, but much closer.

I could have crashed, the heavy turbulence from the jet fighters would have thrown any other craft. But I got pretty robust tiles on my roof I can tell you.

“Air Traffic Control Topmoor from House Oscar Tango Hotel Romeo. Just been buzzed by two F4‑9 jet fighters in Crop Head Valley. One jet fighter has hit a large transmission mast and exploded; pilot has bailed with parachute. Choppers to Big Crop Head Mountain, south flank. Over and out!

Right in the middle of their favourite soap two million viewers lost all their TV programs for the next six months.

It rained, the other house had run into a heavy storm. The second jet fighter returned to base – it didn’t like rain. The search crews were out looking for the ejected pilot.

Thunder and lightening.

No, that’s wrong – try again.


Mrs Happy and Sweet Dreams grabbed me. Were they frightened! I put my arms around them and they buried their faces in me. And there they stayed until we landed in The Big City Road Recreation Ground on the outskirts of Sevenholmes.